Double Domination – Part 2

Double Domination – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 you can find it here

It was a regular Saturday night. Nick and I were cuddled up on the sofa together watching X Factor. Everything was calm – normal. It was two weeks since Nick had arranged for a guy called Brad to double-dom me and the marks from the whip had only just faded. My memory hadn’t though. Sometimes, when I was at work, I’d find myself daydreaming back to that night when…

I want to increase the intensity of our D/s dynamic.”

What? The calm of a moment ago suddenly became a raging storm as Nick’s words shot adrenalin through my veins. Last week I’d hinted that I wanted more than just sexual kink. I’d said something along the lines of wanting to take it outside of our bedroom and live the D/s lifestyle more fully. Oh crap, what had I started?

I stared, wide eyed, at my boyfriend, but couldn’t speak through the enormous lump that had formed in my throat. I couldn’t quite work out if my lack of speech was from shock or excitement.

Nick waited silently for a response so, when I had gathered myself enough to answer coherently, I nodded and managed to whisper, “Yes, Sir. I’d like that.”

What did he have in mind? How far would he take this? My head buzzed with the possibilities. Okay, I didn’t want a twenty-four seven Total Power Exchange, but my need to submit didn’t go away just because we weren’t having sex.

Nick smiled and brushed a stray strand of hair away from my face. “Okay, this is what’s going to happen.”

His voice had changed, the way it always did when he slipped into Dom mode. It came naturally to him to speak to me in a deeper, more gravelly voice and it was inevitable that I melted at its effect. I waited silently for him to continue, my heart hammering so hard in my chest that it almost hurt.

From now on you will address me as Sir when nobody else can hear. When we’re playing you’ll continue to call me Master. Understood?”

My bones slowly turned to jelly. “Yes, Sir,” I replied, in a wobbly voice.

Before you sit down you now need to wait for permission. I want you to kneel by my feet and wait to be invited to sit on a chair or on the sofa. Of course, all this applies only when we’re alone,” he added, solemnly.

Of course, Sir.” I grinned as I imagined myself kneeling on the floor at our local coffee shop. That would get a few stares.

You will always sleep naked.” He glared at me, as if making sure he had my full attention. “No more fluffy pyjamas. And certainly no underwear. Nothing.”

I nodded to let him know that I understood and waited for him to continue. Because I could tell there was more.

Do you accept these new rules?” he asked. His eyes probed mine, seeking more than a verbal reply.

He got his answer as tears pooled and blurred my vision. “Yes, yes, yes, Sir,” I cried happily and threw my arms around him. This was a dream come true.

He chuckled and hugged me back. “One more thing,” he growled in my ear.

Uh oh, I knew there’d be a catch. I pulled back from him and waited silently for him to reveal his final demand. Please don’t let it be anything too humiliating.

Every time you forget any of these rules you’ll earn a punishment point. I’m going to keep count and will use them to discipline you when the time suits me. Understood?”

I couldn’t help giggling as I imagined having to earn a good spanking. “Yes,” I replied with a smile.

Hmm, first slip. I’ll let that one go. Next time will count though,” he added with what looked like an evil glint in his eye.

There won’t be a next time, Sir,” I retorted back, laughing as he playfully pulled my hair.

We’ll see.”

The next week flew by. I was rewarded with a delicious thrill every time I called Nick ‘Sir’ and quickly got into the habit of kneeling by his feet in the evening. Sometimes he made me stay there a while before allowing me to join him on the sofa by which time I was a gooey mush of submissive lust.

I knew I’d messed up a couple of times by forgetting to address him appropriately, but Nick didn’t seem to notice so I guessed I’d gotten away with it. One evening after work, without thinking, I’d flopped onto the sofa next to him and started telling him about an issue at work. By the time I’d realised my error I quickly offered to make a cup of tea and hoped he’d let it pass. He didn’t say anything.

It was amazing how quickly I got used to the new rules and how happy they made me. I knew I’d never tire of that lovely fluttering feeling in my belly every time I obeyed his rules and could tell that he also enjoyed it. Every now and again, he’d suddenly grab my hair and hold my head while he forcefully took my mouth with his. Or he’d swat my bottom hard as I passed him in the kitchen. When I turned to look at him he’d be grinning at me in a way that left me in no doubt that he had intended for that to hurt.

With each day that passed I became more submissive and Nick more dominant. Last week I got a text from him when he was on his way home from work ordering me to wait for him by the front door, naked and on my knees. I obeyed without question. When he walked through the front door I thought I’d pass out from the rush of oxygen that overpowered my brain as my heart pumped faster and faster. He left me there as he went to clean up and get changed then returned, took a handful of my hair and held my head in place while he fucked my mouth. After he’d come on my face he made me masturbate in front of him. I was so horny by then that it only took a couple of minutes before I came too.

And so we slipped into this incredible new dynamic that seemed so natural to both of us. Then, two weeks later, when he’d generously allowed me to sit next to him on the sofa, he upped the game again.

Remember Brad?” he asked, out of the blue.

Did I remember? Too bloody right I did. How could a girl forget being whipped into subspace by two powerful Doms?

Yes, Sir,” I replied, not quite able to hide the grin stretching across my face.

He’s coming round again tomorrow night. You will submit to both of us as before, but, to make things more interesting, I’ve been keeping a count of your points so you will also receive your punishment.” He studied my face, clearly looking for a reaction then added, “From both of us.”

My face must have been a picture – he certainly got a reaction when heat burned my cheeks as the real meaning of his words sank in. I was going to be dominated by two Doms again and I was going to be punished by them. This had to be my favourite fantasy. How did Nick know? I’d never said anything, at least not that I’d been aware of. It never failed to amaze me how Nick knew me so well.

The following day seemed to drag on forever. As it was Saturday neither of us had to work so we spent the day tidying the flat and shopping. We had lunch in our favourite café, but I was too excited to eat much. All I could think about was what would happen later that night. Last time Brad came I never actually got to see what he looked like. I hadn’t even heard him talk for God’s sake. Would I get to see him tonight or would I be blindfolded the whole time again?

You okay?” asked Nick later that afternoon. We’d just finished washing up, but I kept dropping things as they slipped through my jittery hands. Nick picked up the fork I’d just dropped and placed it back in the sink. Then he cupped my face in his hands and looked me right in the eyes. “We don’t have to go ahead with tonight if you don’t want to.”

I laughed. He’d completely misunderstood my nervous energy. “I’m fine,” I reassured him. “I must admit that I am a bit nervous, but I’m really looking forward to it. Honestly.”

He seemed happy with my response and pulled me into his arms. “Good,” he said softly, “I’m doing this for you, sweetheart. Because I think it’s what you want and need.”

It is, Sir. Thank you,” I whispered back and hugged him tightly. How did I get so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and Dom?

Two hours later I was kneeling, naked much to my mortification, in the playroom. My hands were cuffed behind my back and my forehead was resting on the floor. Not very comfortable, but it certainly got me into the submissive mind-set in no time at all.

I heard a tap on the front door then voices as Nick let our guest in. I waited for what seemed like an eternity trying to decipher the murmured sounds from the next room. When footsteps approached the playroom my stomach flipped as realisation hit me that this was it. It was playtime.

Two pairs of feet stopped by my head. Although I wasn’t blindfolded I couldn’t really see much from my lowly position, but I sensed their presence as I waited patiently.

Kneel up.” Nick’s voice now had the command of my Master and I obeyed instantly.

As I righted myself onto my knees I looked up and caught my first sight of Brad. I vaguely recognised him from our regular BDSM club so he wasn’t a complete stranger. Standing next to my Master he looked just as imposing as I’d imagined. Tall, dark and handsome in a rugged kind of way, he had an air of control that sent a shiver through my body. He smiled down at me, his face softening slightly, and I smiled back, happy that I was in safe hands. My Master had chosen well.

I’ve been telling Brad about our new rules and how you’ve earned tonight’s punishment,” said Master, gravely. “I can now tell you that you’ve lapsed forty-two times.”

Forty-two? No way! I remained silent as I absorbed the information. I didn’t need to be a genius to work out that the number forty-two would feature heavily in tonight’s play.

We’re going to punish you with the crop tonight. Forty-two lashes. Then you will endure a certain number of forced orgasms.” Master’s voice was firm, non-negotiable and I swallowed as I tried to comprehend his words. No way could I come forty-two times.

Master helped me to stand and unclipped the cuffs behind my back, but my freedom was short-lived as he quickly clipped them together in front of me. Then he raised my arms and attached the cuffs to a chain that dangled from a discreet hook in the ceiling. Before he pulled the chain taut he attached my ankles to a spreader bar so that my legs were forced apart. I was stretched out, on tiptoe and completely helpless. The knowledge sent a surge of heat through me that pooled between my legs. I was already horny and they hadn’t even hit me yet.

You don’t have to count,” growled Master as he picked up a riding crop. He swung it forcefully making the air whistle and me flinch. “Use your safe word if you need to, okay?”

Yes, Master,” I managed to reply. I was thankful I didn’t have to keep count. That way I could concentrate on the pain and all the delicious things it could do to me.

Master hit me first, delivering a stinging blow to the back of my right thigh. I swung in my bonds and winced. I braced myself for the next blow and was caught out when he just lightly tapped my arse with the leather slapper. After a few more light slaps to my buttocks I relaxed and enjoyed the teasing tingly sensations. Then he hit hard again, really hard, making me scream as fire scorched my arse sending ripples of pleasure straight to my pussy. Oh yes!

I closed my eyes and waited for the next hit, but instead of the smack of leather, rough hands rubbed my warming skin. I opened my eyes and stared into Master’s face. The hands behind me belonged to Brad, then. Master grinned. A fire burned fiercely in his eyes telling me that he was enjoying this as much as I was.

When Brad stopped rubbing the hurt away, Master handed him the crop. Brad didn’t hit quite as hard as Master, but he did hit me in more sensitive areas like the delicate skin between my thighs. Even my breasts and pussy got a light cropping. I had no idea whether I did indeed receive forty-two lashes in the end – I didn’t care. Between them, Master and Brad took me on an exquisite journey of pleasure and pain. When one of them hit me hard, the other would kiss or rub the hurt away before doing it again. And again. I lost track of time as my body buzzed with endorphins and my mind basked in their wonderful effect.

Too soon it was over and I found myself being lowered into Master’s arms. The spreader bar was removed and my cuffs unclipped. Then Master carried me to the sofa while Brad fetched me a bottle of water. I felt beautiful, safe, cared for. They let me rest until my head stopped spinning, but then Master took charge again and said, “Now, I think it’s time for some entertainment, don’t you, Brad?” Shit, that sounded ominous.

Definitely,” replied Brad, grinning wickedly. “Do you want me to do the honours so you can watch the fun?”

Be my guest.” Master rose and quickly returned with my favourite toy. At least it was my favourite when it wasn’t being used to torture me.

Master handed our vibrating wand to Brad then pulled me up and led me to the bondage chair across the room. My wrist cuffs were swiftly secured to the hooks in the armrests and my ankles restrained to hooks at the bottom of the chair legs. Cool air brushed against my spread pussy making me aware of how wet I was.

Master pulled up a chair and sat down where he had a clear view of me then crossed his arms and said, “Well, Brad and I both agree that forty-two orgasms might be a bit excessive. Even for you.” He grinned at the relief that must have shown on my face. “So we’ll knock the two off.”

I was about to protest that forty was still way too much when Brad said, “Okay, four it is. Are you ready?”

I nodded, thankful that they were being realistic, but still dreading numbers two, three and four. I hated being stimulated down there just after I’d come, it was just too damned sensitive.

Brad turned on the wand to almost the maximum setting and grinned at me as he held the large bulbous head against my clit.

Arghhh.” I cried out as the vibrations sent electrical currents pulsing through to the core of my body awakening every nerve ending on the way.

Don’t forget you need to ask for permission before you come,” growled Master.

I scowled at him. Bastard. “Yes, Sir,” I hissed back.

As I was already highly aroused from the first punishment it took no time at all before the glorious tingles of an orgasm started to build. I closed my eyes and let the pleasure take over. Just before the first wave threatened to crash over me I managed to gasp, “Please, Master, may I come?”

Yes, come for us,” said Master, his voice laced with lust.

I think I might have screamed as my body writhed with the release of my pent up arousal. Even after the waves settled, little aftershocks shook me and I savoured every moment. But, just as I needed Brad to remove the wand so I could recover, he pressed it against my still-throbbing clit again and I screamed, this time in agony.

Nooo, please…” It was unbearable. Too sensitive. Too much. I was desperate for the vibrations to stop. I tried to pull away, but I was too securely restrained and I had no choice but to suffer the torture. Then, just as I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore the agony turned back to pleasure and I came without warning. I didn’t even get a chance to ask for permission, but I didn’t care at that point.

As I came back down Brad’s voice cut through the fog in my head. “Prepare for number three,” he said, laughing.

No, please. I can’t. Please don’t put that thing on me again.”

But, of course he did and I thrashed my head from side to side in an effort to block out the persistent agony. This was the worst kind of torture I could think of. I’d rather be denied orgasms than put through this ordeal. But, like before, eventually the hateful vibrations turned into beautiful ecstasy and the heat of imminent release rose again. This time I managed to ask for permission, but only just in time. I didn’t – couldn’t – wait for an answer as my body was yet again wracked with powerful waves that took my breath away.

Finally, I slumped in the chair as the waves calmed, but I knew there was one more to come and I nearly cried as Brad pressed the damned wand against me again. I wasn’t sure I could do this. The orgasms were becoming more intense. The build up was more painful, but then the release so exquisite that the pain and pleasure merged into one.

I couldn’t even protest this time as the wand seemed to burn through my over-sensitised clit. I whimpered and tried, in vain, to kick my legs to escape the torment. Master and Brad both laughed as I actually managed to move the chair but, of course, I remained firmly attached to it so my effort was futile.

How I survived that final onslaught I’ll never know. I don’t remember much about it. Just that I cried and begged for Brad to stop which, of course, he didn’t. Master reminded me that I could always use my safeword if it was too much, but I’d be damned if I gave in. And so I somehow managed to hold on to my sanity as I braced for the final release. It seemed to take longer though. My body was exhausted, my abused clit wrung out. But, miraculously, I got my reward when, finally, the biggest and most powerful orgasm yet claimed me. After that, everything blurred. I have no memory of being released from the chair. The first thing I became aware of was opening my eyes and looking up into Master’s warm eyes.

Welcome back,” he said, gently and bent down to kiss my lips.

I smiled weakly up at him then turned my head towards Brad, who was sitting next to Master. They both looked after me, Master running his hand through my hair while Brad massaged my feet. I’d never felt so treasured, so loved. They didn’t rush me – I knew I could have stayed on that sofa for as long as I needed to, but before long a new urge awoke in me. I wanted – needed – to thank Master and Brad for my incredible punishments.

Without a word I stood up, walked to the middle of the room and sank down onto my knees. I knew they’d know what that meant and, sure enough, they both approached me soon after with their hard cocks in their hands. They took it in turns to fuck my mouth. I loved being able to give something back to them and, unbelievably, found myself becoming aroused again. But this wasn’t about me, it was about giving them pleasure and I did everything I could to make it as good for them as it could possibly be.

Brad was the first to come. He grabbed me by the hair and held my head in place while he came all over my breasts. The spurts of hot liquid tickled my nipples as it trickled down towards my stomach. I smiled up at him as he released my hair and he grinned back at me before stepping away.

Master was next. He took my head firmly in both hands and held me captive while he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I took all of him, trying not to gag as he pushed deeper still. I was euphoric – on my knees before my Master and being used as his fucktoy. When the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat I nearly came myself as his seed filled my mouth. When I’d taken all he had to give I licked him clean then sat back on my heels and grinned at both of them.

Brad approached me again, bent down and kissed the top of my head. “Thank you,” he said, smiling. “I’ll leave you two alone now but I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.”

I’d like that, Sir,” I replied, thrilled at the thought that we might get to do this again.

When he’d left, Master carried me through to the bedroom and gently laid me onto our bed.

Now, I do believe you deserve a reward for such dedicated cock worship,” he murmured. He kissed my stomach then moved gradually down to my thighs, pushing them apart before his tongue flicked over my wet pussy. He looked up at me and growled, “I’m going to fuck you now. Hard. Don’t you dare come until I say you can.”

I won’t, Master,” I gasped as he flipped me onto my front and shoved my knees under me. I was ready for him; throbbing, aching and so very wet. When he finally plunged his cock into my pussy my muscles clamped onto it and I groaned in pleasure as he pushed all the way in. Then, he grabbed my hair and held me in place while he pulled out and hovered at my entrance.

Please…” I whimpered.

What? Tell me what you want.”

Fuck me, Master. Hard!”

And that’s exactly what he did. He took me back to the highs of earlier that evening and beyond as he possessed me with everything he had. We came together, my pussy squeezing every drop of his cum into me. For a few minutes after he didn’t move, neither did I – I couldn’t. Then he eventually rolled off and pulled me into his arms.

He held me tightly as I snuggled into his embrace. Then, just as my mind started to drift in and out of sleep, he murmured in my ear, “I’m rather enjoying seeing you obey my rules on a day to day basis. We’re going to stick with them, but I might just add a few new ones to keep you on your toes.”

Mmm, yes, Master,” I mumbled happily before falling into a deep and blissful sleep.

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  1. Wow!!! This was so very good….enjoyed the playtime…but really enjoyed the gentleness of the men after playtime…You write very realistic and gets the reader’s mind sucked in, wishing it was us getting this treatment….Would like to read more…Thank You

  2. I love the way you write. The believability of the scenes and the passion really holds me. I enjoy the details you put in that seem so trivial but are so important. Thank you for these and really hope there is more to come. The characters are so endearing so caring with such love yet you never hear them say the words. Would live to k ow more of their story.

    • Thank you both for such lovely comments, I really appreciate it. I had lots of fun writing these two and will be doing another entry in Keira’s Kinky Journal soon.

      My new book, Dominion, The Ultimatum goes on pre-sale next month so I’m very excited about that. I became so attached to the characters that I actually cried when Frankie had her meltdown. It explores the D/s dynamic within a troubled marriage so is a bit more intense than the Boundaries books.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      Katy xx

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