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Katy’s new novel published by Stormy Night is now available!

The Captain’s Rules

Though airline co-pilot Alex Forster has often wondered what it would feel like to be spanked by a firm-handed man, she never would have expected that man to be Captain Matt Jensen. When she pushes Matt too far during an outing with their flight crew, however, Alex soon finds herself over his knee with her cheeks blushing and her well-punished bottom burning.

Matt’s bold dominance and strict correction leave Alex feeling vulnerable and conflicted yet also deeply aroused. A whirlwind romance begins between them, and over the coming days Alex discovers that submission is much harder in real life than it is in her fantasies, especially when Matt pushes her to her limits and punishes her sternly every time she disobeys.

Despite her misgivings, when Matt takes Alex in his arms his skillful mastery of her body proves more pleasurable than she would have thought possible. But after an in-flight emergency puts Alex in a life-or-death situation, will the resulting events bring them together or tear them apart?


Get The Captain’s Rules at Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Stormy Night

Katy’s BDSM novel Behind the Scenes is a Finalist in the 2017 Golden Flogger Award for Best BDSM Books of 2017 (Advanced Category).

Katy Swann - Behind The Scenes

Katy’s BDSM Romance Dominion The Ultimatum is an Amazon Best Seller !

Katy Swann - Amazon Best Seller

Katy’s new BDSM Romance Devious Tactics is now available !

katy swann - devious tactics

Available now at

Totally Bound Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk

Part of the His Domain anthology!

She’s been caught in his playroom. Should she leave or should she resort to devious tactics to get what she wants?

When Sami Jenkins is offered the chance to write a major scoop for her newspaper, she jumps at it. All she has to do is find proof that a successful businessman is a drug dealer. If she succeeds she will land a promotion that will secure her future as a top investigative journalist.

But Sami isn’t prepared for Jet’s powerful charisma when she meets him. As an ex-Air Force fighter pilot, Jet is both commanding and charming, leaving Sami confused by her attraction to him. When she attends a party hosted by Jet on his lavish yacht, she sneaks off to search his office. Sami doesn’t find any evidence of drugs, but what she does stumble across leaves her speechless. She has inadvertently found Jet Whitely’s extravagant and very kinky playroom.

When Jet catches her he gives her a choice. Either he calls the police and she can explain to them what she was doing there, or she can stay and discover the delights that his playroom has to offer. But can she trust someone she suspects of being a criminal to tie her up and do unspeakably delicious things to her body?


Katy’s new BDSM Romance (Book 2 in the Dominion Series) is now on general release!

Katy Swann - Behind The Scenes

He’s a famous rock star…and an irresistible Dom. She might be his submissive but she’ll be damned if she’s going to let him think he’s better than her.

Evie Lloyd was heartbroken when an injury ended her promising career as a ballet dancer. But now she’s ready to step back out into the world and maybe even explore her needs as a submissive. When her best friend, Christina, invites her to the popular BDSM club Dominion, she accepts in the hope that she might find someone to give her the spanking she’s been craving for so long.

At Dominion Evie gets more than she bargained for when she meets Aaron Holmes, the lead guitarist of Decadence, one of the most successful rock groups in the world. Aaron is everything she wants in a Dom and his firm discipline soon has her quivering on her knees. But she knows that people like him don’t normally mix with nobodies like her so she resolves to enjoy the kink until he tires of her without getting emotionally involved. It seems that Aaron can’t get enough of her, though, and Evie soon finds it harder to resist her growing feelings for him.

The life of a rock star isn’t quite as rosy as Evie had believed. Behind the scenes dark shadows hang over Deadence. Fractions between the band members, obsessive fans and death threats look set to tear the band apart. These problems spill into Evie’s relationship with Aaron until the price of his fame takes its toll. Now it’s up to Aaron to convince Evie that he is just as worthy of her love as she is of his.

Behind the Scenes is Available now at

Totally Bound Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Apple iTunes

See the first of Katy’s Reviews at Romancing the Book

Wow, what a summer it was…

Firstly, my first erotic novel, To Love and Submit went on sale in 96 stores of WHSmith across the UK (there’s a link on this page that will show you which stores are included).  I was deeply flattered that my book was chosen to be part of the first collection.  On 20 July Totally Bound and WHSmith held a launch at Lakeside where Jess Wright and several authors, including myself, got to meet readers and drink a toast to a successful partnership.

As well as that, I won the BDSM Writer’s Con Golden Flogger award for my novella Kneel For You.  This is a huge honour as so many fantastic writers were recognised and I’m so proud to be amongst them.

Golden Flogger 2016

And finally, I revealed the cover for my next book, Behind The Scenes which is the second book in the Dominion series.

To Love and Submit (paperback) is now available in selected WH Smith shops in the UK

Katy Swann - WH Smith

You can find To Love & Submit at these WH Smith stores.

To Love & Submit and Katy’s other BDSM novels and stories are also available at:

Totally Bound  Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Apple iTunes


Available Now – Kneel For You

Katy Swann - Kneel For You

Should she agree to be spanked? Just the once? It would all be in the name of research, of course…

Available now at

Totally Bound Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk

When journalist Kirsten Anderson is told by her boss to write an article about BDSM she’s extremely reluctant. She tries to get out of it by claiming she doesn’t know anything about BDSM, but that isn’t strictly true. None of her colleagues know about her kinky past and she has no intention of letting them find out, but she isn’t in a position to turn the assignment down either.

When her friend Chloe sees how stressed Kirsten is about the article she offers to take her to a BDSM club to find some inspiration. Kirsten agrees, but doesn’t mention that she used to go to this particular club regularly until a bad experience made her turn her back on the kinky lifestyle three years earlier.

Returning to the club and watching the scenes around them reminds Kirsten what she’s missing. She’s envious of the girl being flogged by her Dom nearby, but she’s so busy denying it that she doesn’t recognize the burning need inside her. Until she spots Eddie—a colleague she’s got a secret crush on—working in the club as a Dungeon Monitor.

Eddie reintroduces her to the joys of Dominance and submission, the delicious sting of a spanking and the incredible sex that follows. But is she strong enough to conquer her fears?


‘Kneel for You’ by Katy Swann

Also part of the anthology ‘Over the Knee‘ with these other great authors:

Ashe Barker, Lily Harlem, Wendi Zwaduk, Lucy Felthouse & Dolly Watt:

Available now at

Totally Bound



katy swann - over the knee


Katy Swann’s BDSM Romance Novel

 Dominion-The Ultimatum

Katy Swann - The Ultimatum

He asks her to submit one more time…

Available from:

 Totally Bound Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

The Romance Review

Confessions From Romaholic- Review

Katy Swann-The Ultimatum

Katy Swann-The Ultimatum A BDSM Erotic Story

Katy reads an exclusive excerpt from The Ultimatum

Once a submissive always a submissive, right? Maybe she needs a little reminder.

A very intense story of love and loss and rebirth of trust D/s not to be missed. Frankie’s inability to express her feelings of guilt, pain, loss have forged a wedge that might not be able to be repaired. At his breaking point Jake forces her hand and gives her an ultimatum, but will it back fire and will he lose her for good?
Very well written believable characters.Will be reading more by Katy Swann for sure.– An Amazon Review


Frankie Hamilton is stunned when her husband, Jake, gives her an ultimatum—either she goes with him to a country hotel for the weekend or he’ll leave her. In an attempt to save her troubled marriage she agrees to go.

But Dominion is no ordinary hotel. During the week it’s an upmarket conference center, but at weekends it becomes an exclusive BDSM hotel. This particular weekend it’s Vanilla Spice, where those new or returning to BDSM can explore their fantasies in a safe and decadent environment.

When Jake asks her to submit one more time Frankie is initially outraged. After all, it’s been two years since their D/s dynamic ended and she’s no longer a submissive. Is she? She still loves Jake and doesn’t want to lose him so she agrees, even if it’s just to prove that she’s now as vanilla as the ice cream in their freezer.

But Frankie is soon reminded of how delicious it feels to kneel at her Master’s feet. Her fondness for punishment and a good spanking leaves her begging for more. And when their old friend and owner of Dominion, Marco Alessi, offers to use her as the subject for a rope demo she’s finally forced to face up to her kinky needs.

But that’s not the only thing she has to come to terms with. Beneath her tough exterior lies a grief that has been buried for two years. As her submission starts to melt the icy core inside her heart, it sets off a chain of events and emotions that could either make her marriage stronger than ever or completely destroy it.

USA Today – Katy is a Featured Author


Boundaries: A Romantic BDSM Erotica Series from Katy Swann

Published by Totally Bound

Katy Swann - To Love & Submit - BDSM Erotica

Katy Swann - To Love & Trust - BDSM Erotica

Katy Swann - To Love & Obey - BDSM Erotica

A Romantic BDSM Erotica Series from Katy Swann

Published by Totally Bound

All 3 books in the Boundaries series are available from Totally Bound, Amazon UK, Amazon (US), and other stores.

Both e-book (e.g. Kindle) and traditional paperback books are available!

Rachel Porter is desperate to meet a real life Dom.  Someone who will give her the erotic spankings she’s been fantasising about in her dreams.  So when she unexpectedly bumps into her sexy but demanding boss, Adam Stone, at  Boundaries, an exclusive BDSM club, it seems all her dreams are about to come true.


Free BDSM Short Stories

When Caroline finally confesses to her husband that she’s a submissive and wants him to dominate her, she has no idea how he’ll react. Will he laugh at her or will his inner Dom emerge and make all her dreams come true?

Download this FREE short BDSM story by Katy at https://www.totallybound.com/be-careful-what-you-wish-for

“We’re going to be joined by a guest tonight.” Nick’s words jolted me out of the book I was engrossed in. “Huh?”

“All you need to know is that he is a Dom and you will submit to both of us.” I could always tell when Nick became strict Master in place of sweet boyfriend because the tone of his voice lowered and he articulated his words more clearly. He meant it.

Read this Free two-part BDSM story: Double Domination


An interview with Katy at Female First


See Katy’s article at Beyond Romance. Erotica Writer or Mum?


8th February – I have just posted the latest instalment of Keira’s Kinky Journal ! Bondage on the boat!


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